Each of us knows how useful may be the video-lessons in the educational process. Today the electronic boards appear in many schools. However, there is still lack of the content suitable for demonstration during the classroom activities.

The creative team of ILS edutainment developed the technology of educational contents production (video-lessons for schoolchildren). Peculiarity of the technology is use of animation genre as the closest for the students. Another peculiarity of the technology is the entire animation is produced by the computer program. (The program may be downloaded on the web-site).

The essence of the technology offered may be conventionally designated by three letters PPV (Paper, Pen, Voice). Historically, a piece of paper, pen and voice were the main means of communications. People exchanged scientific discoveries, shared experience and transferred knowledge by means of them. Combination of three components within the frameworks of one program makes it possible to create efficient video-contents. Any theme, lesson or task which may be explained by a teacher with the help of a piece of paper, pen and voice, all that may be transferred to the educational video by means of the program offered.

OpenSchool.community is an open educational resource. No fee or even registration is provided for review of the educational video or program downloading. Any teacher or his pupils may create their personal page on the web-site and make available their video-lessons there.

Best Regards,

The creative team of ILS edutainment